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Welcome adventures to the World of Origin’s Age of Renewal.

Origin’s Age of Renwal is a new chance for many of the races which inhabit it. With the passing of the Human Plague in the Age of the Cleanse at 185AF the world has broken down once again into a world war, but this time it is the older races and the savage races at war.

Current Date:
Winter 47, 251AF

Perspectives on Origin in the current age:

Major Powers
These are currently the most powerful powers on Origin. This is mostly due to them making alliances of some sort or another working for their race’s best interest. For some the bond is strong, while for others it is mostly a marriage of convenience. However, while the Dwarven mentality and the Elven rational leads to a stronger sense of unity among the subraces than say the shaky alliances of the Serpent Kings and the Vampire Houses, there is still age old animosity and issues that must be dealt with.

  • The Long-Lived Races:
    -The Dwarven Kinship (Have sworn their arms to the defense of the Elven Alliance)
    -The Elven Alliance (Have sworn fellowship to the Dwarven Kinship)
  • The Savage Races:
    -The United Gnoll Tribes (Ruled by the B***h Queen)(Independent)
    -The Orc Hordes (Lead by a council of the Orc Pantheon’s various Shamans)(Independent)
    -The Ork Waaaagggghh!!! (United through force by a recently risen Warlord)(Independent)
  • The Serpent Kings:
    -Desert Realm of Serpent King Bolos (Agreed unity with Qhia acting as over-sovereign)
    -Realm of Serpent King Aboli (Agreed unity with Qhia acting as over-sovereign)
    -Realm of Seprent King Koth (Agreed unity with Qhia acting as over-sovereign)
    -Islands Realm of Serpent Queen Qhia (Agreed unity with Qhia acting as over-sovereign)
    -Island Trio of undeclared Serpent Sovereign. (Unknown)
  • The Vampire Houses:
    -House Firren Ua

Minor Powers

  • Drow of Eilistraee (Neutral)
  • Drow of Lolth (Independent)
  • Drow of The Dark Seldarine (Neutral)

Major Independent Factions
These powers are completely independent, but are of enough significant to influence the world on their own.

  • City State of Nakrin (Independent)
  • The Council of the First Ones and the Elven Peninsula.
  • The Frozen North (Neutral)
  • The Gold Dwarf Empire (Neutral)

Non-United Races

  • Goblins
  • Kobolds
  • The Nomadic Catfolk Tribes
  • The Small Folk:

Extreplaner Influences
These are powers literally from other worlds who have some level of influence on Origin.

  • The Psionic Order (Neutral)


Things needed to be turned into the DM by players before playing:

World of Origin's Age of Renewal

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