A Drow who chose love over duty.


A Drow born to a shamed noble house, but who’s psyche and will was strong enough to look at the end of times and have it look back.


The History of Nimnine House

My family was cursed from an ancient dealing that my Great Grandmother Matron Mother Maraali
and her First Prime Mailian did with Demons. It was a time when all the houses where trying to seize power
for them selves. With all the houses warring with each other Matron Maraali sought to take power fast and
quick. She sent her First Prime into a portal to make a deal with a Deathdrinker Demon. He was only to
Kill the other Matron Mothers and leave the houses easy for takeover. The Deathdrinker had other plans.
Matron Maraali help opened numerous portals to the city at once. The Demons didn’t come to honor the
agreement. They came to destroy the city. With great losses to all houses, the Drow where able to drive
back and defeat the Demons.
Once the fighting was done, the Drow started to investigate what or who had done this. With her
house to protect, Matron Maraali laid evidence that her first prime was to blame. She told a story of how
she had thrown him out and he wanted revenge. The Drow sough that to be true with a male trying to make
deals with Demons and using magic to open portals that he couldn’t control. So the House of Nimnine
wasn’t destroyed. Still in all Matron Maraali house was placed lower on the council. This was a dishonor in
itself for having a member of your house causes such destruction.
The House of Mimnine was a large house with lots of children. I “Firinar” am the son of the third
oldest daughter. My Mother Cylyn is a powerful Priestess of Loth. My Father Mallian is the houses Weapon
Growing up I was told that I have only one life and that it belongs to Loth. If it is Loths will that I
die than so be it. In that life to Loth, I will obey all the Priestess for their word was hers. Hard work and
obedience was to be my life.
I became quite the Warrior after my time at fighting school. During the final days of school I had met
a young priestess. She wasn’t quit like the others. She had power but didn’t use it to cause fear. She as tall,
slender with long white hair, and greenish blue eyes. Her name was Amafiratril Mailuth. After we graduated
we keep on seeing each other. Our houses weren’t on the best of terms but that didn’t stop us. We saw
each other as much as we could. Talked about how she wanted to have her own house someday. With me
as her First Prime. Then the day came when her Matron Mother wanted her to start having kids to make her
house stronger. She had told her mother that she didn’t want any man in her house. She had one that she
would bear children with and make her own house. When she to her mother that it was me. Her mother sent
their Weapon Master after me.
By this time I already started to get looks as if I was someone that wasn’t liked. It wasn’t till I
came in front of my Grandmother that I figured it out. She was talking to my mother when she called me
Mailian. A name that wasn’t to be spoken in this house by her decree. Later on that evening I ask my
mother. She told me then that I strike a resemblance to her father the First Prime to Matron Grandmother.
While walking home from patrol one evening a man came out of the shadows and confronted me. It
was the Weapon Master of the House of Mailuth. He attacked without warning but I knew the reason. It was
a fast fight but he laid dead and I wounded. She was told by her mother that evening that soon I wouldn’t
be a problem and she would have to find another male to take my place. She left that night looking for me
and found me. Using her healing abilities she patched me up. Then she told me what her mother said. I told
her that it will never end till she is dead or me. She understood and helped me home. A week later I had
asked my mother for a favor. It was to end the small conflict between The House of Nimnine and The House

of Mailuth. A portal was opened and I was in front of my loves Matron Mother with my Rapier in hand. With
a surprise like that no one should have been there but the Matron Mother. Instead there was a group of
people. I still did what I set to do. I killed the Matron Mother fast and swift but with all the witness I couldn’t
return to my home. I fought my way out and saw Amafiratril. She helped me out of her house with her gifts.
Once outside she gave me her dagger and told me she would come of it one day.
Fifty years form that day a Drow woman walks into a town asking about a male Drow named Firinar.
The towns’ people didn’t recognize that name and told her that she should ask the Drow Ranger Saevain
that lives just out side of the town in a small house if he knew him. To her surprise it was me. I told her that
I started to go by the name Saevain when I became a Ranger. That my birth name hasn’t been used in
decades but my love was still only for her. She knew it to be true because over the fireplace I had a portrait
her and I was wearing the famine looking dagger on my side.

Names and Meanings
Firinar—Dark Brother Nimnine—Deep Ritual
Ranger name: Saevain—Wood Sprit
Amafiratril—Beautiful Dark Dancer Mailuth—Death Lance


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