Duchess Arnaselyn of House Firren Ua

First born, and first embraced, of Count Lafyn.


A haunting beauty from the first age of Origin. Delicate, enchanting, yet lethal when enraged.


Duchess Arnaselyn, or “Bringer of the Southern Mountains” in Eleven, was Count Lafyn ’s first born in the days he was a mere Elf. Only four generations removed from the First Ones and only two generations removed from Kanchelsis her powers are legendary.

Elven tomes within their ancient libraries tell of how when Lafyn was turned by Kanchelsis Arnaselyn mourned being parted from her father so that she eventually ran to his embrace, and he to hers. Some obscure books even claim their long lives (even by Elven standards) and isolation from other Elves eventually led to them embracing in other ways. Some claim this embrace went as far as Arnaselyn being the true, mysterious, and supposedly unknown mother of the other Dukes and Duchesses. Perhaps this is the true reason why it is said that only she aside from Kanchelsis can beckon Lafyn from his tomb at will.

Duchess Arnaselyn of House Firren Ua

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