Gifted with advance Human tech knowledge from another world, and solar eyes he is a kick-ass Kobold.


A kobold able to shoot guns, and laserbeams from his eyes.


Accompanying a Lantern Archon to this world from a world who’s name has been forgotten, Kerth’tt eventually abandoned his traveling companions to build his own power base.

Update as of Spring 20, 201AF:
Kerth’tt left the mechanical floating city-state with his Kobold tribe of followers having taught them the necessary skills to reproduce basic weapons and technology from his former world. They stole the necessary tools to build a new base of their own, but only took enough as so the items and tools would not be noticed missing right away (if ever).

Kerth’tt has since set up a hidden base in the mountains between the Kingdom of Seranida and the Minotaur territories. His achievements and advance technology have started to draw him more followers to his newly founded realm.


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