Count Lafyn of House Firren Ua

Count Lafyn, a vampire of legend. Said to be the first embraced by Kanchelsis on his initial visit to Origin.


Count Lafyn Firren Ua is an Elf of magnificent grace, beauty, and posture. Only a few generations separated from the First Ones, and being supposedly the first embraced on Origin by the lord of all Vampires, ancient tomes within the Elven libraries claim his power to be immense. Although, he has rarely been seen for the past few millennium, so some have come to question his current level of influence and power among the Vampires of the Western Continent.


Count Lafyn of house Firren Ua, or “Moon-Bringer of the Kin of the Dark West” as he is known within Elven legends, is said the be the first of Origin’s vampires. Thought to be merely three generations removed from the First Ones he holds a contradicting position of both respect and disgust among most Elves. Yes most Elves may descend from his once mortal days upon this world, but he has long since turned his back from the Elven nations and has rarely even set foot back in the Elven Peninsula where the remaining First Ones reside.

Not seen for centuries by foreign powers he is believed to be resting along with the other members of the Union of the Eclipse until the next offering to Kanchelsis is to take place. Whether he and the other Vampire Lords are actively participating in the world expanding war currently taking place, or if they are merely allowing their offspring to do as they please is yet uncertain.

Count Lafyn of House Firren Ua

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