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a) The Adept and the Divine Bard are the only caster classes available at first level to PCs.

b) To take this class the player must have a background story explaining where the character received his magical training, and what the character did to earn this training. Depending on this background, and how it fits into the current campaign and/or campaign world the DM can choose to veto this character.

c) The following changes are in addition to the Adept’s class features in the Dungeon Master’s Guide:

1. Adepts are proficient with light armor.

2. Adepts may wear armor without worrying of a spell-failure chance.

3. Adepts are proficient with simple weapons.

4. Adepts receive the Weapon Proficiency feat for their deity’s favored weapon as a bonus feat.

5. Adepts may select one domain possessed by their deity, gaining the domain’s special ability and the associated domain spells in a similar way to a Cleric. These domain spells always function as Divine Focus spells which are memorized as slot spells for the Adept, even if the Adept can normally cast the spell as a Material Component spell. Note that having the spell as a Domain Spell does not prevent one from casting it as a Component Spell.

6. An Adept may Commune with their deity, or one of it’s representatives, once per week as a Supernatural Ability. This does not cost them any XP. The Caster Level of the Commune is equal to their ECL.

7. An Adept starts play knowing all 0 level spells and 2d6 of the 1st level spells on the Adept spell list in addition to their chosen domain spells. They start off with one of each focus they require for their selected slotted spells, and 15 of each component for their selected component spells.

8. Please download and print the PDF sheets below, which I have created to facilitate the process of keeping track of one’s foci and components.

Adept Spell List (Lv. 0-1)


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