Calender System

Solar Cycle
Origin’s solar cycle around it’s sun is exactly 450 days long.

Origin’s solar cycle is broken up into four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

  • Spring lasts for the first 100 days of the solar cycle.
  • Summer lasts for the second hundred days of the solar cycle. These days tend to be the warmest in temperature.
  • Fall follows with yet another 100 days.
  • Finally the ice cold days of Winter end the planetoid’s solar cycle with 150 days.

Origin’s days consist of 30 hour blocks of time. Each hour consists 60 minute blocks of time. Each minute block of time consists of 60 one second blocks of time.

Dating System
AF stands for After Fall. This refers to the fall of humanity, which is considered to have been set in stone when their Last Great Human War ended.

Calender System

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