Disclaimer from the DM

Please be aware that I do not run a standard Dungeons & Dragons game. I am a fan of the older editions, and although I am too young to have enjoyed that age I have a love for High Fantasy and the overall feel of the earlier days of fantasy and roleplaying (70s-80s).

I run low-wealth as well as low-magic. There is not a wizard in every little town, and you can not buy magic items at every shop in any little village on Origin. Magic is a rare thing, and woe is he who underestimates it. You do not start out with ten times what a common man or woman will make in their life-time, slain enemies will not be carrying such wealth on them. In this world a masterwork item is given the respect it deserves as something only the most experienced and skilled of artisans can possibly produce, and even then it might be the single greatest achievement of the artisan’s career.

In addition, I run a sandbox style game, world, and cosmology. This means that there is no A to B to C to Z type plot and progression though the game, but instead it is an open world I have spent years of my life creating. There are things going on whether your player characters choose to take part in them or not. There will always be multiple plot hooks,a nd multiple directions you may all choose to go, and for some this is unusual or even overwhelming at first. It is a style of game where I have many powers, NPCs, nations, and much more constantly progressing their own goals on this world whether or not you choose to follow said path. You are free to do as you please. If you desire to hack and slash and nothing else then the game will follow a basic module style path. If you enjoy political game syou may choose a city and remain there the entire campaign working yourselves into the political scene, either publicly or from the shadows. If you desire a sea fairing campaign then head to a coast and find a ship to take to the high seas!

Please head this disclaimer as it is clear this style of gaming is not for everyone. I would say it is not for most of this generation, though for those who enjoy it there is no better thrill.

Disclaimer from the DM

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