Commission female paladin by lr commissions
a) The Paladin class from the PHB is not available. Instead it is replaced with the Paladin Prestige Class from Unearthed Arcana p. 70.

As the DM I feel that the background and prestige of the Paladin, based on it’s fluff, is something which must be earned and achieved. Therefore, to become a Paladin a player must work for it.

If a game starts below the level this prestige class would become available to the PC then obtaining it must be role-played in game.

If a game starts at a higher level, then it is up to me to rule on whether you are allowed to already have the prestige class. Either way, background on the character and it’s desire to become a Paladin would be required.

b) If you wish to play a Paladin your character must choose a deity and cause and serve said ideal perfectly. You must role-play this accordingly. This is the purpose of being a Paladin after all. (See Paladin Code below)

c) The Paladin’s Code: The Paladin’s Code must be written down in black and white, for the player and GM to refer to. It need not be exhaustive, but must cover the basic points. The player and GM should collaborate to come up with a code both of them are happy with. The Code is not subject to revision.

This PrC can also be found in the SRD:


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