Purpose of this site

This site will serve as:
a) An archive of my personal House Rules.

b) A archive of Items, Locations, Settlements. Classes/Prestige Classes, Races/Monsters, and other things unique to my campaign world. The things on these lists will be added as they are encountered by players, and this list will continuously grow over time.

c) A list of events currently taking place on in this setting, based on what the PCs currently know of them.

d) A record of important events which took place in this Material Plane.

e1) A record of PCs who have journeyed across this campaign setting, past and present. I will provide a short description myself of the PCs, and if needed a summery of their fate after they cease being played by their players.

e2) I ask that each player also make a personal summary/profile/description of who their PCs are/were so that I may include it in their entry.

e3) Each character will have a personal journal, which their players may use to write down their characters thoughts, actions, or anything relating to their characters they wish. (Please do not post in someone else’s journal!)

f) An archive of important, powerful, or simply memorable NPCS who have been encountered in my setting.

Purpose of this site

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