The Frozen North

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The Frozen North of the continent of Flanes is the realm of the King of the North – also known as the Dragon King. The Frozen North’s draconic ruler’s mere presence has assured the various peoples of this land safety from foreign powers since the tail end of Origin’s Age of Heroes when the Dragon King consolidated his power over the land. Since the Age of Heroes only a handful of attempts have been made to invade the Frozen North, all of which met swift ends.


The Dragon King
At the very top of the kingdom’s hierarchy lies the King of the North. His rule is law, and all who reside within the land worship their ascending Dragon god. All within the kingdom wear his holy symbol, including every member of his four branches of his government – also known as his Four Claws. This allows the Dragon King, being a Hero Level Deity, to sense what his worshipers sense. This leaves little room for deceit or any thoughts of rebellion, since their thoughts are read by their dragonic master.

The Dragon King takes a very loose, but strict, stance on ruling his people. Each branch of the Four Claws essentially run themselves. The Dragon King prefers not to have to deal with the day-to-day affairs of his minions, or even his branches of government. The Branches of the Four Claws do not even look to their king when deciding the appointment of their highest level officials (the Four Lords of the North). The Dragon King cares little if they are appointed by a democratic vote, by mortal combat, or even murder as long as it does not affect the stability of the branches or his kingdom. The same goes for his countless dominions, whether Elf Forest or Bugbear Tribe. They may live as they wish as long as their worship is his, tribute to him is paid, and there is no conflict of any kind with the other denizens of the Frozen North.

The Four Claws
The Four Claws are the Dragon King’s concepts of imposing “government” on his people. The Four Claws are: The Dragon Kiths,

The Frozen North

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