The Serpent Kings


The Serpent Kings, until recently thought extinct, are said to be Sardior’s blessing to the Yuan-Ti race for abandoning magic in the name of Psionics. They are also said to be among his first endeavors long before his ascension to divinity.

Clearly being the most powerful of the Yuan-Ti subraces, they were quick to take power. Individually they formed powerful nations in the early ages of Origin, but when it was clear the needs of their race required cooperation they united to lay siege to entire continents.

Now they have reemerged from seemingly nowhere after their presumed extinction along with the Dragons in the Age of Heroes. Swiftly they have dethroned what tribal leaders and sovereigns of small regions existed of their bickering and unified race. Now with small kingdoms at their disposal the new generation of Yuan-Ti Serpent Kings has set their sights on not only the entirety of the Unblinking Islands, but all of Origin.

The Serpent Kings

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