The Vampire Houses

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The Vampire Noble Houses of the Western Continent feel it is finally time to rise from the shadows of their land and expand across all the landmasses of Origin. They are considered by most races to be the third “Old Race”, though the Dwarves and Elves bitterly argue this stating they are not even a true race of their own due to actually being composed of members from many races who have been “converted” to the worship of Kanchelsis.

While bitter, the Dwarves and Elves still acknowledged the fact that the vampire houses as a whole are a powerful power. They posses ageless lifespans which could potentially lead them to having the long-term mentality. Even more so is this true when it concerns “former” Dwarves and Elves among their ranks.

Each “House” was founded by a single vampire known as their “Count”, or their “Vampire Lord”. These vampires are the strongest on Origin, for they are only one generation removed from Kanchelsis. From these Counts were biologically born the Dukes and Duchesses of the various Vampire clans and are the second highest ranking of the Houses. From them spawned the Vampire Nobles, the grandchildren of the Vampire Lords.

While regular mortals can be “embraced” into vampirism they are of weaker power and are considered nothing but “common” trash by the Nobles and higher. At most one may ascend to the level of general, or a mortal king may earn the the right to forever rule his people in the name of his Vampire patron who’s territory his land and people “belong” to.

The Vampire Houses

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