Your characters Background and Portrait

(Please complete the following about your character and send it back to me.)
(Please keep this in the following format!)

Character’s name:
Character’s race:
Character’s alignment:

Tell me your character’s background story (at least one paragraph):

Tell me three NPCs who are connected to your character. Give me a) Their name, b) Their race, c) Their alignment, and d) How they are related to your character:



Tell me what deity or power your chatacyer worships if any (see here for complete list in my cosmology:

If your character worships a deity or power, how devoted/dedicated is he to the worship and/or service of this deity or power?:

What guild, clergy, cult, military organization, mercenary group, etc is your character associated with (all adventures are almost without a doubt associated with at least one):

Give me a rundown/paragraph on this organization (you may need to speak with me about this unless your familar with my current campaigns etting): *

*Why is your character out in the world adventuring?:

Any goals your character has? (These can be created during your adventure):

Please find (or craft!) a portrait of your character. Below are two amazing sites to find images of characters:

Bonus! You can have a free item worth up to 150gp if you weave it into your background fluff:

Your characters Background and Portrait

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